Money, it’s a Tool that Matters

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of people who act like money isn’t important. Where do these people come from anyway? When was the last time you walked into a store, restaurant, coffee bar, etc…  And they gave you all of your purchases for free? Without coupons, rebates, or gift cards? That’s just not reality. So why do so many people act like money doesn’t matter? Well, it does. Just ask anyone broke and/or homeless if doesn’t. Money matters. So why don’t people view it as a useful tool?

Most of the people that I hear this garbage coming from, are in fact: broke. You don’t hear rich people saying that money doesn’t matter. They know it does. Money is a tool, pure and simple and most people don’t know who to use it. And guess, what? There are a ton of people out there that make money based on that knowledge. It’s a tool that can either enhance your life, or destroy it.

So why is this happening? Simple: there are people who would rather look rich, than be rich. Are you guilty of this mindset? I know that I have been. They just don’t understand that what you spend on is an investment. Good, bad, or indifferent. Trends catch the most people. Who wants to be left behind? No one, and the people that know how powerful money is as tool know this too. So they present you with a pain point. I mean after all, you don’t want your kids to be teased for not having the latest, greatest… Well, you get it. Or, what about pleasure? Can’t you see yourself on vacation sitting on the beach sipping… Yes, that works too.

What I’m getting at is, you can’t do any of those things without money. Money is the most useful tool out there. And, if you don’t have enough of it, you’re basically screwed. So, it’s imperative that you learn how to use it, and make it grow without too much fanfare. Whether you have a sideline business, dabble in real estate, play the stock market, buy the right kind of insurance… Well, the list is endless. You have to learn how to control money, or it will control you.

Learning how to make it grow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a skill to be mastered. So learn how to make your money work for you. Research vehicles that make money work for, not against you. And please, stop taking advice from broke people. They don’t know a thing about money. Hence, why they’re broke. Change your inner circle, add an affluent friend or 2. Pick their brains. Believe it or not, truly successful people want to help others. It’s a what “goes around, comes around” thing. Karma. The more people they help, the more success comes their way.

Read books, attend webinars/seminars/conference calls. Just learn what you can. It’s not how much you have now, it’s what you can build in the future. Delay gratification. Have some self control. Envision the lifestyle first, then make your money work for it. But, don’t try to live it at the same time. Money first, lifestyle later.

Keep in mind, that most people retire on half of what they made while they were working. Think about it, you’ll be living on less money, at the time in your life when you’re starting to decline. Not a pleasant thought. But, if you’re money is working for you, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You can only work so many hours in a day, week, or year. But, money can work all for you all the time. It doesn’t need to sleep, eat, or take any time off. It also never needs a vacation. It’s an important tool, but still just a tool.





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