Kids as Business Partners

Kids are some of the best supporters and encouragement a working mother can have. With the economy in dire straits, it’s important to have a back up plan. Having a business on the side is difficult without help. Why not have your kids help and learn some useful skills at the same time? It’s never too early get your kids involved in business practices. Dealing with different personalities, problem solving using multiple skills sets are just a few life lessons that many kids are missing today.

How many kids know how to speak to adults these days? Using coherent sentences? In the emoji and texting age, it’s hard to understand them. You want them to be involved in the kinds of businesses that are built to last. Trends are one thing, longevity is another. You have to be able to communicate, and do it well. If not? Well… Who’s going to trust their money and business to someone that they can’t relate to, let alone understand?

Because kids are enthusiastic, helpful, and natural learners use that to your advantage. Even teens want to help with things that interest them, and if you include a little monetary reward they’re all ears. They want to have some responsibilities that make them feel like adults. What better way to teach them some responsibility, than to include them in your business ventures.

Prepare them for the adult world. Give them projects, research assignments and deadlines. Teach them goal setting, reward them, fine tune organizational skills and planning. Help them to learn how to deal with people that are difficult. Give them the opportunity to make decisions now to minimize mistakes as adults.

If you’re a single mother, their participation is essential. It could be the difference between success and prosperity. Or, failure and government assistance. They know you need their help, so let them help you. As a single mom, they see you struggling. Don’t kid yourself. Besides, there are so many things for kids to do that aren’t constructive. Why not give them something that is? With all the drama and negative influences they’re exposed to daily, give them something positive to grab hold of and run with. Something that will serve them better than anything their friends can cook up.

One of my favorite examples of growing your kids up in a business is mentor and coach Dani Johnson. Talk about getting it right. If you want to know more about her, and her family business go to

Your family can either help you, or hurt you. If everyone feels like they have some skin in the game, it can work wonders. Your kids love and want to impress you. They’ll also promote you to others. That’s free advertising and marketing. Kids practically invented word of mouth, so roll with it.

Show them you respect them enough to include them in this very adult matter. Teach them  business skills that will help them in whatever they choose to do. It’s all a process, and a learning curve. Kids have fantastic imaginations and are creative almost to a fault. Use that to build a massive empire. Or, at least some seed money for other things. It really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your kids know that they do. Make them an important part of your business, and watch it grow.



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