Broke Single Moms

So many times we hear of single mothers that are left broken emotionally and financially. Not to mention now, they have to wear yet another hat. Overwhelmed and sometimes bewildered, but does that have to equate to bitter as well? According to ex-husbands and ex-lovers with all the money, usually with a new girlfriend. Having no real responsibilities to speak of, their answer is: yes. But is this really the truth? I don’t think so. Just my opinion, but I don’t buy this line of thinking. You may be stranded, but you’re not stuck.

There are opportunities out there. But the question is where? The constant battles with Ex’s to do the right thing. The power struggles that should have ended with the break up that haven’t. The kids and your needs being put on the back burner because of the bills and residual legal debts. The never ending cycle of having to do it all with very little help, with almost zero encouragement. Having to be strong when you can’t find the strength… It’s all so overwhelming.

But, what if that was a good thing? What if you could re-frame it, and use it to help you, not hurt you? What if you could learn from the experience and use it to your advantage? What if it could fundamentally change you, but in a good way? Would your mindset change? Your outlook on your new life? These are all the questions that involve: courage, wisdom, introspection, and the will to thrive and succeed no matter what. Do single moms have it? I believe so.

Some of the hardest working, and most creative people are single mothers. Think about this for a moment… You’re finishing raising a family ( by yourself, for the most part ), you’re working to earn an income ( in some cases 2 jobs to make ends meet ), or going to school on the money you were left to “survive on”. You’re there for your kids ( even when you’re exhausted ), and you’re still the one that everyone goes to for help. You don’t have it all, but you handle it all. Not always perfectly, but to best of your ability. That’s awesome!

What if I told you that all of those skills are needed in a business? Single mothers are natural entrepreneurs. With all the hats you wear inside and outside the home, entrepreneurship is a great fit. Many of you are wondering, how would I fit that into my already hectic and intense life? You do things that steal your: time, effort, and energy constantly. Things that drain you and, make you feel defeated. Why not give working for yourself a try? Many working mothers have part time businesses on the side. The really smart ones are able to make their part time income more lucrative than their full time income.

Let’s start with interests. Do you love to cook, bake or sew? Fitness fanatic? Are you the go to girl for health and wellness? Do people compliment you on your writing? Is taking care of kids your forte? Are you toilets so clean that you could drink out them? Do you have a “green thumb”? All about alternative and holistic medicine? Is your budget the envy of your family and friends? Can you find sales that only others can dream of? Handy? Crafty? Are you great with kids’ parties? Dinner parties a cinch? Do you like to speak in front of an audience? Live or on a small screen? Plan and organize well? Plan fantastic vacations? Are you a style fashionista? Artistic? Do you have an eye for Real Estate? Have a head for finance? Good with helping kids with their homework? Love to educate? Are you computer or technical savvy? Do you plan events that go off without a hitch? There’s a business for that. The list is endless, start there. Find your passion, or at least what you’re good at and have razor focus there.

Prefer businesses that are already in place? Home-based businesses that are established by existing companies? Good, they’ve done all the work already. All you have to do is: join, plug in, market and promote. All from a desktop of a computer. Social media and the new technology is amazing! You no longer have to bug your family and friends. The internet is global and billions of people plug into it everyday, 24 hours a day.These companies provide training, websites, and all the materials needed to launch a business with none of the start up hassle or red tape. Mentoring and coaching by others that have been working the business for a while are provided, and so is getting feedback. Being rewarded with monetary incentives for performance, not politics. No prior experience necessary. Working your own hours and having extra time to do the things necessary to have a life where you thrive, not just survive? All for little to no monetary investment? How simple is that?

Anything that you’re interested in may be a way to prosperity. You just need to make a decision and follow through. Because of all the negative things that happen after a divorce. It’s important to do some things for yourself. Like: therapy, reading personal growth books, going to seminars on business and investing, finding a support group, or participating in an online forum. Find women who are  willing to mentor you and coach you. Things like that can give you ideas as to what you can do with your family’s future.

It’s tough being on your own, but it doesn’t have to end in failure. You can not only rise above your circumstances, you can help others to do the same. Pay if forward, and help someone else climb out of the trenches while you are. Find something to be grateful and thankful for daily, that will help to energize you.  Just seeing your kids smile, and hearing them say,”I love you Mom”, can lift your spirits. Minimize the negative and magnify the positive. Cut yourself a break, and focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go. Do you need to brainstorm? Go to a trusted friend. My point is, you have so much on your plate, and even more going for you. The choice is yours. You may be stranded, but you are definitely not stuck.





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